My name is Greg Hoxsie and I am a Real Estate Photographer.  I live in Central San Diego with my wife, Eve, and our cat, Ghost.  I'm originally from Santa Cruz, but spent a long time on the island of Maui perfecting my craft and then refining it further upon moving back to the mainland.  When I'm not shooting real estate listings you can usually find me at the gym or out on the mountain bike trails.  I love to take spontaneous and unplanned road trips with my wife where we just hit the road with no destination in mind.  It's a great way to travel!  Locally, we enjoy biking around in the Mission Bay area, exploring the many museums and art exhibits, and perhaps wandering into a great restaurant or wine bar.  We also like hiking in the many outdoor recreational areas, some of which are just minutes from our home.  I have an amazing daughter and two amazing grandkids only a few hours away from us that we get to see frequently.

I'm looking forward to working with you!


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