1. Invoices are due upon receipt unless other arrangements have been made.  Checks and most credit or debit cards are accepted. Invoices are sent via email and include payment links for secure payments online.

2. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment unless the cancellation is due to poor weather conditions.

3.  The delivery of Listing Photos usually takes place in the afternoon of the following business day.  Photos for a shoot taking place on Friday will delivered on Monday afternoon.  We cannot be responsible for delays in the delivery of digital content for circumstances beyond our control such and power outages, internet failures, equipment failures, etc.  Larger listings may take two days to process, so plan accordingly.

4. Any liability related to lost, damaged, stolen images or footage will be limited to the cost of the photo/video shoot.

5. The Copyright on digital files shall remain with Greg Hoxsie Photography.  You are purchasing rights to a limited use creative work product intended for the sole purpose of marketing real estate listings for the life of the listing only.  Any work product may not be resold or transferred to a third party or used in any manner other than the intended purpose by the original client without the written permission of Greg Hoxsie Photography.

6.  Backup files are retained for 30 days only. Photos, Matterport Tours and Video Files are hosted for the life of the listing only unless other arrangements have been made.  Hosting fees may apply for long term storage/hosting.



General:  The home must be decluttered, cleaned and fully prepared with all interior, exterior and pool lights turned on.  If the home is on a lockbox, it’s important that someone has inspected the home prior to the shoot to confirm the space is ready for photography. We will not be moving construction items, paint cans, garden hoses, trash cans, or other miscellaneous items that may have been left out by residents, prior visitors or contractors.  The front and back yards should be well landscaped and dry. Irrigation should be timed to minimize any wet grass.  (we will be going in and out several times during the shoot)  Please remove any pet food bowls.  Please move all cars/vehicles from the driveway.  Remove personal family photos if you have privacy concerns. Please reschedule any home maintenance or repair providers such as gardeners, pest control, contractors, etc.


Outside:  Please remove garden hoses, garbage receptacles, pool toys, pool hoses, pet waste, holiday lighting, leaves and any other item that may be distracting or contribute to clutter.  Do not light fire pits or outdoor BBQ’s unless advised to do so by the photographer/videographer.  It’s usually best to remove the BBQ cover depending on the condition of the appliance.  Please remove or open the spa cover.  Turn on all hanging lighting fixtures. Open outdoor umbrellas unless it’s windy or the canopy blocks an important view.  Please turn on any outdoor heaters at the request of the photographer.  Please leave outside floor mats in place.


Inside: Insure all fixtures, furniture and decorations are placed exactly as you would like them to appear in the photos. Consolidate electrical and cable cords.  Please set all doors, windows, and window blinds in the exact position you would like them to be photographed. Close any doors or sliders that open into areas that you do not want photographed such as a linen closet, pantry or storage area.  Vacuum all carpeted areas. Sweep, mop and dust other flooring and surfaces. Turn on all lighting fixtures.  Windows and mirrors should be as clean as possible.  Turn off computer monitors and ceiling fans.  Avoid large table decorations that block or limit the view.


Kitchen:  Remove all miscellaneous items and small appliances from counter top surfaces.  This might includes paper towel rolls, dish racks and towels, sponges, soaps, cleaning supplies, food items, stoppers, coffee makers, blenders etc. Remove pet food bowls, trash and recycling receptacles, high chairs, floor mats, etc.  Remove any tape or magnets from the refrigerator.


Living Room:  Remove remotes, magazines, pet beds and blankets, bean bag chairs, holiday decorations and any other item that will help create a larger living space. Check the alignment of cushions and placement of pillows and throws.  Leave the TV turned off.  Set blinds and doors/sliders in the exact position you would like them to be photographed.


Garage:  Please advise your photographer if you would like us to shoot the garage area.  It’s worth shooting only when the garage is clean and well organized.


Bedrooms:  Please confirm the bedding and pillows are positioned properly.  It’s helpful if any items under the bed are completely concealed.  Close the closet and other doors unless you would like to shoot into these areas.  (Usually, it’s a good idea to shoot into the walk-in closet) Confirm that windows and blinds are positioned in exactly the way you want them to appear in photos.


Bathrooms:  Please remove all personal items from vanity and shower.  This includes soaps, shampoos and grooming items.  Clean mirrors and shower glass.  Remove floor mats, plungers, cleaning brushes and trash cans.  Position the shower curtain in the exact position you would like it to be photographed.  Please use “thin” towels on any towel racks so as not to obscure the view of other features.  You may remove the towels altogether if you prefer.  Generally, we do not shoot a room that contains a toilet only.  Please discuss your preferences with the photographer.  Toilet seats should be in the closed position.  Remove clothing items that might be hanging on a bathroom door or wall hook.


Scope of Work:  We will need detailed instructions on the exact areas you want photographed.    This might include amenities such as pools, spas, gyms, bbq areas, meeting rooms, lobbies, laundry rooms, common areas, nearby attractions, tennis courts, parks, playgrounds, etc.  We cannot photograph other people without a model release.  For example, we cannot shoot random people in common areas without their express written permission.  Pricing may be adjusted for requests made at the shoot that go beyond what was originally quoted.  Personal or staff portraits are not included in our pricing for real estate photography and are quoted separately.


Property Access:  In the event we cannot gain access to the property for any reason OR if the property is not fully prepared at the agreed upon date and time, you will be billed for the full amount of the shoot.  Late start fees may apply if the property is not available at the agreed upon time and place.


Turnaround:  We offer next day delivery unless the next day falls on weekend or holiday.  In that case, delivery will be on the next business day.  Currently, we do offer services on weekends and holidays.  Surcharges may apply.


Acts of God:  We cannot be held responsible due to unforeseen circumstances not in our control that include but are not limited to:  Traffic delays, road closures, mechanical failures, construction issues or delays, medical or family emergencies, etc.  We will contact you at our earliest convenience to reschedule if it becomes apparent that we will be delayed for any reason.